One endpoint security solution for your office, data center, and cloud

Bitdefender’s Enterprise Security delivers layered next-gen security that consistently ranks first in independent tests. It leverages a single management platform to reduce the cost of building a trusted environment for all endpoints.

Enterprise Security lets organizations enable dedicated protection for Datacenters, Physical Endpoints, Mobile Devices, and Exchange mailboxes with the flexibility to choose which security services to deploy. All services are seamlessly managed from the highly scalable and robust on-premise GravityZone Control Center console.

Flexible Enterprise Security Solution

Choose the security services you want to deploy and manage protection for any number of endpoints or mailboxes from a single, robust, on-premise GravityZone Control Center console.

Best performance for Offices and Data centers

Bitdefender delivers leading next-gen protection for offices and datacenters with the smallest resource utilization, greatly improving user experience and consolidation ratios.

Simplified Security Management

Delivered as a virtual appliance, the GravityZone Control Center console is quick to set up and easily scales to protect any number of endpoints, with redundancy and high availability built in.

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