Unified Endpoint Prevention, Detection, Response and Risk Analytics for Every Organization

Unlike other endpoint security solutions whose poor prevention makes them noisy and complex to operate, Bitdefender has developed over 30 layers of protection for all of your endpoints, offering the world’s most effective protection integrated with low overhead EDR and Endpoint Risk Analytics (ERA) in a single agent, single console architecture.
By incorporating advanced protection, Risk Analytics and hardening innovations into our endpoint portfolio, we help minimize the endpoint attack surface, making it more difficult for attackers to penetrate.
With GravityZone Ultra, you can reduce the number of vendors while compressing the time it takes to respond to threats via an integrated security stack.

World’s Most Effective Endpoint Protection

  • World’s best prevention stack leverages 30 layers of machine learning and other advanced capabilities to provide prevention throughout the threat lifecycle, from first contact, exploit, persistence and malicious activity.
  • Behavioral anomaly tracks active applications and processes for their entire lifecycle and spots behavior specific to malware based on actions and context.
  • Unified with EDR, Risk Analytics and Hardening technologies in a single agent, single console.

Low Overhead Detection and Response

GravityZone Ultra excels where pure-play EDR products are too complex and noisy, by preventing, detecting and responding to attacks that evade traditional anti-malware while extending endpoint protection with pre and post compromise visibility, root cause analysis, investigation, threat hunting & remediation tools. All with the lowest cost of ownership in the market.

Risk-Analytics driven Hardening for a comprehensive security strategy

Bitdefender’s risk analytics engine enables you to continuously assess, prioritize and harden endpoint security misconfigurations and settings with an easy-to-understand prioritized list. By simplifying and automating security operations and continually reducing the attack surface the highest levels of protection with the lowest cost of ownership is achieved.


Low Overhead Incident Investigation and Response

Integrated Endpoint Risk Analytics

Layered Defense

End-to-end Attack Forensics

Modern, Next-gen Prevention and Detection with Automatic Remediation

Integrated SecOps

Cross platform Coverage and 3rd Party Integration API’s

Single Agent/Single Console


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